• Should government punish false worship or coerce true worship?

    May 19, 2021 by

    To frame the issue more precisely, the question is not whether a society or nation ought to worship the one true God rightly. Societies should certainly worship the one true God according to His commands. Furthermore, the question is not whether false worshippers deserve punishment. God will certainly punish them temporally in this life as… Read more

  • Does the gospel threaten believers with condemnation?

    April 6, 2021 by

    Is part of the “good news” of Jesus Christ that He threatens His blood-bought people with an eternity of hell’s torments if they don’t believe and repent and keep on believing and repenting? To be clear, there is no question about whether the law as a covenant threatens anyone who does not believe. If you… Read more

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Pastor Tom Hicks

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